the Moon Cake

Just yesterday I went to Lembaran, (actually for getting notes and borrowed geankoplis book), but suddenly I remembered her repeated msges just few weeks ago.”Plz inform me if I come 2 Lmbrn k, I want 2 gv u smthg”,  Kiew reminded .Yeah, I need 2 see her.

The sweet and nice Chinese girl came to me as she brought together with her a small red plastic beg.

“Take this, it for you”,she passed that plastic beg to me while kept her smile always.

I opened that plastic and found two boxes of moon cakes, each with different flavor written on its cover.Oh my dear fren, i really appreciate that but….Is it really halal for me?” whispered my heart.

“Dun worry, I’ve made a lot of research la,” Kiew simply said ,may be after looking my skeptic face.Hihi, i know u my fren, u always show ur respect toward my belief,”I smiled while looking the JAKIM halal logo on its cover.em by the way, why do you celebrate the moon cake festival?” I asked her just for getting more info on her culture and religion.So she answered with long story telling about the history and added with other festivals that being celebrated by her race.

We talked about so many things yesterday, include some topic on ramadhan.” Do you know what is the purpose of sahur?”I tried to test her knowledge.”Well,eat for getting energy, but I find some of Muslim eat early before they sleep at night, just around 12-1 am,” she commented.

Owh I felt ashamed and tried to explain “Hmm, that’ s not considered as sahur but ….

“’ s called supper!”she added spontaneously and we laughed together.” Yeah that’ s the right term to classify that.Actually we’re encouraged to do the sahur at the time just before the Subh and …,” I told her and continued my explaination.I added some more info about other “ibadah” in Islam especially from the scientific view that hv been proved by a lot of research.

Owh, there is so many misunderstood towards Islam due to the Muslim wrongdoing.So my brother and sister, thats our responsiblity to clear the misconception that arise in our society.

Well, I enjoyed to talk with Kiew since she is really open-minded and nice.’ She is a polite girl and know how to keep herself at public,” I recalled my mom’s comment when I brought her to see my mother just a year ago at KB Mall ( during semester break).Usually  during the previous semester we spend our time by walking together to pasar malam but I find its hard to do so now due to my limited time as time passed by.

And yesterday she asked me to go wif her to Parit Buntar this weekend or maybe next weekend but again , I can’t promise her  when my full blue planner figure came accross my mind.Oh Im really sorry my dear fren but I’ ll try to find the best time to spend with you for this semester.

Today, I eat the moon cake..Wow, for the first time in my life I can felt the taste of a moon cake and I give it to other Muslim frens for tasting it.

Just sweet and delicous as the friendship!



4 Responses

  1. Waa..makan + bahagi2 mooncakes x sampai blok satu. Huhuhu..

  2. salam. kak naimah, i solute u! hehe….=)

  3. sorry kak sifrulmind…moon cake tak cukup, x enough to be distributed to all,hihi, but u can try to make it by urself this coming hari raya and let me taste it,

  4. wslm adikku na’imah najib,
    pelik pelik, nothing to b respected kalo stakat dpt makan moon cake free…:)

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