Job interview

Currently I am preparing for the job interview on this coming Tuesday.MasyaALLAH, Next week will be full with a lot of tests + interview+assignments+ meetings

I’ve spent almost 2 days on preparing for this interview, searching the advertisement on the web, writing the cover letter, searching for the company information, and editing my resume.I’ve found so many jobs related to my field but they still didn’t match with my interest.And in the long run, God guided me to some way, where I found a position of water treatment engineer at one company.Hmm at least I’ve opened my eyes and mind wider by searching all of these.

Even it just a mock interview that will b held at Pusat Bahasa, but the feeling to deal with it is so fantastic.Thank you to my lecturer, Puan Suzila, for asking us to do so many thing. A lot of hikmah are waiting at end of journey.

No mountain’s too high when there’s a will. no river’s too wide believe there’s a way.

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  2. Syukran jazillan.
    hehe rasa mcm p interview betul lak, padahal olok2 je.But nvm, it teach me a lot.

  3. salam..water treatment engineer?actually it depend on ur interest.most of the chem eng. go to process engineer, the main process of the company.u need to consider for the company that have the other major process(not the water treatment), u should go to that side because water treatment process is not many thing we can learn,especially for plant design…in plant design, we need to build a plant, water treatment usually is a side plant only..huhu,just a little bit comment..waAllahua’lam.

  4. alhamdulillah, I’ve attended the mock interview this morning,a day after we hv submitted the advertisement to the lecturer.Just yesterday I’m really surprised that most of us chose the same position at the same company.(water treatment engineer at riverstone).And here I guess some reasons for that:

    1.Lack of time (due to hari raya celebration) to find more job related to this field.

    2.Most chemical eng position esp the process eng.position required the working experience before., but fresh graduates are available for the water treatment eng.

    3.Currently, this is the easiest position since we’ve learn about environmental eng..So everybody know how to ‘goreng2’ during the mock interview, compared if we
    choose the process eng. position..(everybody still blur about process control, and we do not learn yet about the plant design.)

    And tq to my senior, for the info above.

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