The Kulliyah, the Wedding and the Memories.


In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Thanks to my Lord, for giving me the chance on following the journey of knowledge.In the morning of 24th October 2008,I’ve attended a kulliyah conducted by ust Mutalib at Madrasah an-Nadhah,(Kubang Semang if I’m not mistaken) with my friends.It was really amazed me for the view of ocean of muslims that seeking the knowledge with the love and strong determination on to the reach the mardhatillah in their life.

“Health is a responsibility that being put on each muslim since it is awarded by God to us.Could you imagine the satisfaction and nikmah that can be achieved by doing the ibadat in the good health compared to the poor one?”…the words of wisdom that came out from this mu’allim echoed through the atmosphere of the edifice , while thousands of people listened carefully in the barakah kulliyah.I saw some of them opened the scripture that has been used by the mu’allim that talked about the important chapter of “SUGI” which is separated from the chapter of ABLUTION.This reflected that how Islam is really considers about the hygienic aspect of our life. The crowds disgorged into the street after the kulliyah ended at 11.15am.

Next, we continued our journey to the Kulim for attending a wedding ceremony of Ust Ramadhan Fitri with his zaujah. After spending almost one hour and half for searching his house, we arrived at the right place and the right time where everyone started to hungry.:) We were really taken aback of the crowds came there while stepping into the ceremony. Fortunately, a lot of volunteers have already been there for lending a hand, included a group of USM students with the red T-shirts.

“Haa, these also are ‘penangga’..” told sister Zarina to wana while pointing to me and Kak Fizah since both of us also wore the red baju kurung…(Penyanga…oops sorry ‘penangga’ or ‘mentara’ is the term used by the Malays to describe the volunteer that is on duty during the wedding ceremony)…We walked and walked through the crowd and eventually reached at the last station, a place with lesser people, and more comfortable for us to eat.:)Before leaving the ceremony, we grabbed the opportunity to take a snap with the beautiful and charming bride, Sister Khadijah.While passing through the crowd, I saw the ecstatic face of a father, Ust Ellias Zakaria,(the groom’s father and also the USM’s lecturer) stood in the middle of the passage with his relatives. The smile on his face showed the grateful and satisfaction. The ceremony like this often bring a lot barakah and hikmah since a strong bond of silaturrahim is build here, where relatives and friends meet each other. We left the ceremony at around 1.30 pm

We continued our journey to the nearest mosque, for the Zuhr prayer and I suggested to my friends to pray at Masjid Saidina Ali, which situated in my old school, MRSM PDRM. Alhamdulillah, thanks to ALLAH for giving me the chance to go back to this school after leaving it for about 5 years. It was really nostalgic as I couldn’t describe my feeling at the moment. Every corner in the mosque made me imagined the past things. I could saw my friends are studying while asking me some questions regarding the Science reference book. Their laughs, their jokes were flying in front of me. Time is moving too fast. It just felt like yesterday that I talked with them at the class corridor about the future. And now I’m standing in the future while looking back to the past. But thanks to ALLAH for sending me back to a place where the light of hidayah has penetrated deep inside my heart a long  time ago.

Thanks to ALLAH again for giving me this beautiful journey. Eventually, we arrived at USM at 3.00pm.A beautiful day with beautiful moments. Syukran.



9 Responses

  1. ^_^ .. hoho mls btol la nk komen .. oo ptt la semgt nk p mkn kenduri.. rupanya nk bc ‘mentera’ ust shukri ngajo. kui3..slh istilah tu ‘penanggah’ la.. susah2 sgt mentaqa ja.. merah itu saga

  2. Lupa ke komet lizz yg kita pergi dlm rombongan yg sma ye dgn niat bersilaturrahim,xde niat lain…:)ntah2 komet ni yg diam2 duk terkumat kamit.:)
    ooo sory again for the wrong spelling of penanggah…kui2 jgn marah org johor.ntah la knp susah sgt nk sebut perkataan tu dr semalam even dah berbuih mulut bos berulangkali membetulkan my pronunciation…smlm hampir2 tersebut penyangak, tp dibetulkn dgn sabar oleh org johor..gelak je la shbt2 ana,katanya org2 baju merah tu teruk2 wat keja ,suka ati je ana g pgil penyagak…ok the real one is penanggah..tu pun br tau td setelah dibetulkn kak zarina masa beraya di rumah akhi hamid.,,syukran2,hikmah perjalanan smlm adalah dpt belajar vocab baru…”penanggah”…:)

  3. ha..cover la tu.. hiihii.. ^_^

  4. astaghfirullah, pening2., tak larat ana dgn kerenah komet lizz ni

  5. Owh, cam kenal je gambar tu?? Rasanya depa semalam pakai baju lain. Mmm…sejak bila plk big boss p umah pengantin belah pompuan ni?? Siap de gambar dari sana lagi. Hehe…
    Xpelah, salah eja sikit je tu. Bleh terima. Lebih baik dari perkataan “PENANGGAL” yang big boss sebut time kupas2 bawang aritu. Hahaha…nampak sangat mmg x serasi ngn org Johor. Keh3…
    Eh,jp. Seingat ana la, bukan ke arusah tu dah doakan utk korang berdua(komet+nonaro)?? Keh3..

  6. ha ni sorg lagi memeningkan kepala…emm cik sifrulmind lupa ke smlm kita amik sekeping gmbr je dgn pngntin pompuan, takkan nk letak gmbr tu kot kat sini, jd ana guna la gmbr pngntin kat johor yg cik sifrulmind forward dr blog sape ntah smlm..syukran2.

    satu lg ana xdgr ape2 pun, mesti cik sifrulmind(big2 bos) salah dgr neh…he,sape yg terdengar , dia la yg dpt.:)mubarak cik sifrulmind

  7. assalamualaikum….(trsenyum sendiri bace komen2 di atas…)…apelah salahnye pergi kenduri tu antuna sume praktikkan ilmu yang baru dipelajari dr ustaz tu…ilmu tanpa amal, samalah macam pohon tak berbuah…lagi2 kalau doa…btul x…? sememangnye.. ana menanti walimah setiap dari antuna…jgn lupe jemput… 😀

  8. Qalam aini, bukan wish utk “antunna”, tp anti patut wish kat “antuma” sj (komet+sifrulmind)…baru betul.
    Dear readers, dr posting kat atas amik yg mana baik je, komen2 mengarut2 ni sila abaikan…cuma gurauan sj.

  9. erm menarik juga bila muslimat2 nie bersuara… huhu…

    pelik.. nape muslimat x diinvite jadi pemberi cenderahati perkahwinan tu??… huhu

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