If anyone talks to me badly, I will stay away and try to be calm
If anyone tells me the truth I will accept and do not ever regret
If anyone hurts my heart I will stay calm and pray
If anyone gives me hope, I will hold and do not keep it at bay
If anyone looks down on me I take it easy and strengthen my heart
If anyone loses their temper I take a deep breath and be quite
If anyone needs my help I will lend my hand and do the best
I care for everyone’s feeling and desire



2 Responses

  1. i like this one,

    actually its depend on how we see the color of this life, if we feel and see something good, then it is good, if we see it bad, then it become bad, or maybe become ugly
    we decide it, most of the time we let our feeling do the decision.. YA, try to be positive for everyday

    glad to read your post, i noe your are busy person

    wanita berkejaya… haha..

  2. Honesty is the best policy

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