This Ramadhan

imagesRamadhan Kareem is coming again,and let us give thanks to ALLAH for the rahmah of this holy month.
This is my last Ramadhan,being as the undergraduate student in USM and here are some advices for friends (including me ) who think that this DUNYA life is everything.Don’t let the super-packed time with academic activities, assignments, tests and so on as the big stone in front of our way on to reach to the highest place during this barakah month of Ramadhan.

You may make your own Ramadhan planner regarding to the daily activities.Just put the simple checklist that on your target. For example:

Got up for Fajr on time and prayed Fajr with its sunnah
Made morning dhikr
prayed all prayers on time
Made dua for parents.
Read tafsir of one verse of Quran
Gave charity
Prayed taraweeh and witr prayers
Did not argue,nor backbite with anyone.
went to sleep in a state of wudu’

And much2 more examples of the muslim student checklist during Ramadhan.Let us start from today.
Currently, I already shared a song of “Lord of Ramadhan” which is sound so nicely and filled with the spirit of celebrating Ramadhan Kareem.I had listened to this song about one year ago, but till today I’m still looking for the lyric,since nobody shares about it.This might be contributed by the difficulties of catching its words of English,Arabic,Turkish and germany.

Ok, that’s all from me, (WAHSINI,, kenapa la sy menjadi pemalas skrg,nk kena ketuk banyak, ok2 its time to study the PETROLEUM REFINERY)

May ALLAH bless us with the rahmah of Ramadhan.

Best regard


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