Islamic Humor?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

In the of Allah,The MoST Gracious and The Most Merciful.


I’m just beginning interested in publishing the humor since my visit to ust.zaharuddin website a few days ago( on posting of Islamic Humor?).From now on ,I’ll start posting a series of humor that I get from his website,insyaAllah.


 Many people (in the West), who have been hugely influenced by negative media stereotypes of Muslims, believe that Muslims are not humorous people. Contrary to this belief, Muslims actually enjoy a laugh!!
Although after saying this, Muslims do abide by some basic rules on making jokes (such as humour being within the limits of Islamic tolerance, and not going beyond the bounds of truth.)
Below are a nice collection of Islamic ancedotes and humorous stories. If you know of any humorous jokes or ancedotes, then please do send them in to me!
Most of the stories below are of a well-known and much-loved folk hero throughout the Muslim world – Mullah Nasruddin. Sometimes he seems foolish, but really he is wise. Stories like this one are told from China to Africa, and beyond.

Nasruddin’s Car Drive

Mullah Nasruddin and his wife are in their car driving. Suddenly his wife screams, “STOP THE CAR!!!” “What is it?” Mullah Nasruddin asks.“Turn around and go back home!! I forgot to turn off the oven!! The house will burn down!!!”

Mullah Nasruddin kept on driving.

“Why aren’t you turning around?”

“The house won’t burn down…” Mullah Nasruddin replied. “…I forgot to turn off the shower.”